KeenQuest - Characters with purpose

KeenQuest - a dropdown list for webcomics with a purpose.

To have your comic included on this list, it must have at least one major character actively on a quest. It should be their main driving force, and should be something specific such as a seeking a sword, fame, love, honour, freedom, a good pizza, the protection of something, etc.

To sign up email me or post at the KeenSpace Forum, including the following:
Author's Name
Comic Name
Banner URL (optional, banner size is 200x40 or smaller, under 5K size).

I will look at your comic and post if you're accepted or not (and why); once you're in, add the following code to your site.

<script language="javascript" src=""></script>

It should turn out something like this:

And you're ready to go!

Current Members

Nahast: Lands of Strife
Nahast: Lands of Strife
by Al-X Melchor

Wizard & Warrior
by Josh Christofferson

by Katherine

Kurenai Mashin
Kurenai Mashin
by bluebug

by Alex and Laura

by Adley Tang

Wandering Trials
Wandering Trials

by Adam Fullerton

The Vermilion Cage
by Jennifer Kanne

Night & Day
by Gloria H. Manderfeld

Fairy Trash

by Heather Wright

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